Wine Bitten

Ingredients: 3 slices bacon 1 onion, minced 3 cups fresh or frozen corn 3 cups milk (alternatively, use chicken broth, but won’t be as milky) 1 lb russet potato (1 large) peeled and diced ½ cup whipping cream @1-11/2 cups roasted, peeled, chopped chilies:  Pabloano, Anaheim, Pasilla, Jalapeno (if like it hot)  a mix is nice 1-2 chipotle chilies (depending on how hot you like it)

@ 1/2 cup Corn Masa mixed with water, for thickening Salt & pepper to taste Chives, minced, for garnish


New Mexico Green Chili Chowder

Serve with New Mexico wines--almost any, or with Tempranillo, Riesling, or Sparkling wine.  

Directions: Saute bacon until brown/crisp.  Remove and reserve.  Saute onions in bacon drippings, until caramelized.  Puree 1 (or ½ depending on taste) chipotle, 1 cup corn and 1 cup milk in a blender.  When onions are ready, add the puree into the onions, add rest of the milk and corn and potatoes, season with salt & pepper.  Cook on low (simmering) until potatoes are tender—about 20-25 minutes. 
Add Masa mixture, as desired, for thickening.
Add cream and chopped chilies (and remainder of chipotle to taste).  Heat through, and serve. 

​ Garnish with crumbled bacon & chives.