Wine Bitten

For wholesome, filling dining, I suggest the Yuma Landing, the spot where the first plane touched down in Arizona, on a 1911 cross country flight.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner & cocktails--you can't go wrong.  I especially liked the chili pepper hot Diablo, invented right here.  

 Yuma offers a variety of dining options, from the Garden Café near the City Hall, where you sit under the trees serenaded by birdsong from the aviaries that line one side of the expansive outdoor restaurant, to Lutes Casino (still run by the Lutes, filled with eclectic memorabilia and just plain odd sights, craft beer on draft and yummy bites), which is not a Casino, but was and is a pool hall.  Across the street you can find Sushi, and just a few blocks over is the Yuma Landing, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and their own cocktails. 

Yuma:  Where to Eat!

Want to go fancy?  Ironwoods Steakhouse at Quenchan Casino serves gourmet meals with flair.   A treat for the eyes, nose and taste buds--experience an evening usually found in upscale Napa restaurants.  

Lutes Casino, on Main Street, not only has great food and drink, but its always an experience.  And, if conversation should lag, just look around, it is stuffed with off-beat memorabillia.   Check out Pee Wee Herman and Yuma's own shark.  

For sunset views and giant shrimp cocktail, drive over to the Desert Hills Golf course.  As everywhere, this is casual dining with good service and good food.  

Yuma’s Main Squeeze on Main Street, across from the Art Gallery and Theater, offers wine & nibbles.  Whether you want to try a local fruit wine, or a Pinot Noir crafted by owners Fred & Mary Earle from California Coast grapes, be sure to include some of the appetizers offered in the convivial tasting room.   Panini’s, flat breads, other wine friendly edibles are featured.